'Steel, the Show' from April 20 to 24

April 21, 2015

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- "Steel, the Show," is a compilation of works by ART 330: Metal Fabrication & Mixed Media. Artists at Penn State were asked to locate an interior or exterior “tether” to create a site-specific work that speaks about connection in some way. While utilizing a range of material was encouraged, it was required that the works incorporate the strength and versatility of steel. In some pieces, steel has been used as a site relevant scaffold; in other works, it assists a visual effect. Thirteen sculptures are displayed in various locations around campus. Maps to help viewers locate these works will be provided in the Patterson Gallery.

Featured artists include: Zack Brown, Antonella Crescimbeni, Christina Dietz, Bech Evans and Peter Barbor, Brian Gaither, Chia Yen Gan, Chloe Mahon, Anna Margush, Taylor Nyman, Corey Pratt, Kaye Saxe, Gwen Young and Maddey Wiker

Zack Brown, Antonella Crescimbeni, Bech Evans and Peter Barbor, Chia Yen Gan, Chloe Mahon, Corey Pratt and Taylor Nyman’s works will be on view in the Patterson Gallery from April 20-24.

Brian Gaither will have work on view in the Zoller Gallery from April 20-24.

Christina Dietz, Anna Margush, Kaye Saxe, and Gwen Young will be exhibiting site-specific works around campus, including the Southeast Entrance Underground Tunnel- Pattee/Paterno Library, the Arts Cottage South Entrance, Curtin Road bus-stop, and the Palmer Art Museum’s sculpture garden.

Maddey Wiker will be exhibiting a traveling sculpture that can be followed around multiple points on campus.

 All are invited to unleash their inner metal head in celebrating these artists creativity and work during an:

An opening reception for the artists will take place at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 21, in Patterson Gallery on the University Park campus.  

ART 330 co-Instructor, Bonnie Collura, is an Associate Professor at the School of Visual Arts. She is fond of lighting acetylene on fire and strives to put the “heavy” in heavy metal. She received her B.F.A., Sculpture, from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996 and her M.F.A., Sculpture, from Yale University in 1998. Her approach to welding is pragmatic and experimental.

ART 330 co-Instructor, Matthew J. Olson, is faculty in the School of Visual Arts and SoVA’s Shop Supervisor. He received his B.F.A., Sculpture, Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2007, his M.A., Sculpture, from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2009 and his M.F.A., Sculpture, from The Pennsylvania State University in 2012. Prior to receiving his B.F.A., Olson worked as a union concrete mason and certified Journeyman welder for one of the largest bridge construction companies in the Midwest.


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