Alumnus to exhibit photography in Tuscan Gallery

April 14, 2015

Penn State alumnus and College of Arts and Architecture supporter Rich Smukler will have a solo exhibition of his photographs at La Rodine Gallery, in the Tuscan village of Ponte a Serraglio, Italy, June 6 to 14.

Smukler is a Boca Raton-based attorney and mediator who also has a thriving career as a fine art photographer. He studied for seven summers at Tuscano Photographic Workshop in San Quirico D’Orcia and considers Tuscany a second home, making the exhibition at La Rodine Gallery particularly special.

Smukler has exhibited across the United States, including the 54th International Juried Exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute/Museum of the Living Artist, which opens April 18 He also exhibited in the juried exhibition there in 2009. He also has had juried exhibitions at the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana, 2014; Virginia Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, Virginia, 2014; Philadelphia Athenaeum, 2014; Museum of Flight, Seattle, 2014; and Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Mystic, Connecticut, 2012–14; among others.

International exhibitions include Sandro Santioli Photo Atelier (Florence, Italy), Montreal Art Centre: Global Art League International Juried Exhibition, and Canadian International Digital Photography Juried Exhibition 2011 (Montreal). He was a nominee for the Ninth Annual Black and White Spider Awards, an international awards program that honors black and white photography. His work has been published in Best of America Photography, Part II; Photographer’s Forum Magazine and in the book Rich Smukler Photographic Expressionism, among other publications.

Two major hotel chains recently acquired Smukler’s works for their permanent collections. Marriott’s Residence Inn at 170 Broadway, New York City, acquired—in conjunction with Indiewalls, Inc.—Smukler’s “Bow Down,” an image of a rusting ship soon to meet its fate on the Miami River in Florida. It will appear in each of the 243 rooms in the hotel. The photograph was exhibited in 2014 at the 25th annual juried show at the Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas.

Also in conjunction with Indiewalls, Inc., the Radisson Blue Hotels and Resorts in Minneapolis have acquired Smukler’s “Cross” for their permanent collection. “Cross” was taken in an abandoned marble quarry in Apuan Alps, near Pietrasanta in northwestern Tuscany. “Cross” earned distinction at the San Diego Art Institute/Museum of the Living Artist 50th International Award Exhibition.

Smukler’s interest in photography dates back to his childhood. “My folks gave me a Brownie Hawkeye camera when I was a little boy and I never looked back. The digital world provided a new set of challenges that seemed to fit into my creative wheelhouse. It has been a wondrous journey.”

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  • "Bow Down" by Rich Smukler

    "Bow Down" by alumnus Rich Smukler

    IMAGE: Penn State
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