Trustees hear report on sexual assault and harassment task force recommendations

March 20, 2015

HERSHEY, Pa. – Penn State Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims provided a report on the work of the University’s sexual assault and harassment task force today (March 20) during a seminar with the Board of Trustees.

Sims, who served as chair of the task force, said the University has already begun to take action to implement the 18 recommendations of the 17-member group of students, faculty and staff. Those recommended actions range from hiring a full time Title IX coordinator and supporting staff to administering a survey to gain a better understanding of the climate surrounding this problem.

“The task force report was merely the beginning," Sims said. "We have much work to do, and yet we already have a solid foundation to build upon. I am confident that Penn State will achieve its goal of being a national leader in the fight against sexual misconduct.”

In February, President Eric Barron endorsed all 18 recommendations from Task Force on Sexual Assault and Harassment. Barron had created the task force in July 2014 to review the University’s current policies, identify areas for potential improvement and make recommendations for implementing changes and making the University a leader on this issue.

Other task force recommendations that the University will implement include: using an investigative model for resolving sexual misconduct cases; ensuring the Commonwealth Campuses have the resources needed, including offering adequate victim support services; developing strong partnerships between the University and local providers in the State College area; providing mandatory training for faculty and staff; and creating an educational program for first-year students focused on wellbeing and safety.


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Last Updated March 20, 2015