Sreenivasan honored with Kopp International Achievement Award

March 18, 2015

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Akshaya Sreenivasan, a doctoral candidate in mass communications in the College of Communications, has been awarded the LaMarr Kopp International Achievement Award for graduate students.

The award recognizes graduate students who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the international mission of the University. It is named in honor of the late deputy vice president for international programs.

Sreenivasan focuses her research on post-conflict countries and works to improve opportunities for children and young adults in those impoverished areas. Her research on how social media and access to the Internet helps young adults find jobs and other opportunities won an Arthur W. Page Center Award in 2014.

Sreenivasan, who recently worked in Nigeria — where more than 70 percent of the children failed both math and English — believes education is the key to prosperity for these children.

“I work in post-conflict states to help children and young adults empower themselves using information and communication technologies,” said Sreenivasan, a native of India who applies her life experiences to her research.

A nominator said Sreenivasan’s work is both strengthening the lives of students abroad and at University Park.

“Sreenivasan’s interest in international communications has led her to a number of projects aimed at improving the human condition around the world. Beyond her research, she has worked tirelessly to expose graduate students and faculty in the College of International Research with an ongoing speaker series,” the nominator said. “Her work has resulted in new relationships and research partnerships that will advance Penn State’s international profile in the long term.”

Another said Sreenivasan has made “extraordinary contributions through programming and research to the international mission of the College of Communications and the university.”

Last Updated March 24, 2015