Heard on Campus: James Franklin at TEDxPSU

March 01, 2015

"Our first core value is to have a positive attitude. Again, really simplistic. Really simplistic. That's something that we can control. We talk about controlling the controllable -- waking up every single morning with a positive attitude and being really appreciative of the opportunity we have at Penn State. We talk about waking up in the morning and doing a back handspring out of bed, ready to attack the day with everything you have."

-- Coach James Franklin at TEDxPSU on March 1 at Schwab Auditorium. Franklin discussed what he called "core values" of Penn State football that can be applied off the field: attitude, work ethic, competitiveness and sacrifice. Other speakers included ESPN's Jemele Hill, Penn State researcher David Hughes and writer Bruce Grierson. The student-run event marked its fifth year of delivering what the larger TED organization calls "ideas worth spreading." 

Last Updated March 01, 2015