Berks celebrates Black History Month

February 12, 2015

In honor of Black History Month, the Penn State Berks will hold the following event in February 2014.

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 1 p.m., Room 3, Perkins Student Center Auditorium
Yaba Blay will present "When Black Ain't Beautiful: Hair, Skin Color and the Politics of Black." This program is open to Penn State Berks students, faculty, and staff.  

The program description states, “In the historical climate of global White supremacy, ‘beauty’ and ‘attractiveness’ inasmuch as they are defined by hegemonic cultural ideals, are political constructs. For people of African descent, there are negotiations of power at play in the naming and claiming of our beauty and the performance of our identities. With specific attention given to our relationships with our skin tones and hair textures, this lecture presentation examines the enduring impact of White supremacy on the aesthetics of Black beauty.” Blay is a professor, producer, and publisher. She is one of today’s leading voices on colorism and global skin color politics. Her commentary has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Ebony Magazine, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2012, she served as a Consulting Producer for CNN’s Black in America. She is currently co-director and Assistant Teaching Professor of Africana Studies at Drexel University. For more information, contact Karen Kihurani, multicultural / international counselor, at 610-396-6080 or via e-mail at

  • Yaba's head shot

    Yaba Blay, co-director and assistant teaching professor of Africana Studies at Drexel University.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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