No parking in faculty/staff lots overnight Sunday to Monday

January 30, 2015

UNIVERSITY PARK — The Office of Physical Plant has announced a “Midnight Clear” for snow removal from Sunday night at midnight through 7 a.m. Monday.

During these hours, parking at all faculty/staff surface parking lots on campus, including Innovation Park, will be prohibited. Departments with University vehicles will need to move them into one of the parking decks or designated overnight parking areas before midnight tonight.

Resident core and long-term storage student parking lots (Blue 22, Blue 81, Blue 82, Blue 83, Silver 42, Brown 11, and Purple 43) are exempt from Midnight Clear restrictions and will remain available for student vehicles displaying a valid permit for these areas.

Designated overnight parking areas 

Overnight parking for faculty, staff and departmental vehicles will be available through 8 a.m. Monday at the following locations:

-- All campus parking decks (East, Eisenhower, HUB, Nittany) – no parking on the roof level.

The Nittany Deck can accommodate vehicles with a maximum height of 6 feet 8 inches, while the Eisenhower and HUB decks will allow vehicles with a maximum height of 7 feet.

The ground floor of the East Deck will accommodate vehicles up to 8 feet 2 inches in height. The east bay (the section closest to Bigler Road) on the ground floor of the East Deck is reserved for oversized vehicles that do not fit in the other garages on campus. Vehicles that normally had to remain in one of the approved surface areas because of roof racks, truck caps, etc., may be parked in the East Deck.

Signs have been posted in the East Deck reserving the east bay (closest to East Halls) for oversized vehicles. Once the signs are posted, regular vehicles (less than 7 feet maximum height) are prohibited from the reserved area and must park in another section of the deck.

-- Lot Red A — row of spaces located directly west of the EES Building.

-- Lot Orange H — center section located between Land & Water Research and the Materials Research Laboratory.

-- Lot Orange H — fourth row of spaces in from Hastings Road, between Forest Resources Lab and the Research Center.

-- Lot Orange A (Katz Building) — 10 spaces facing Services Road along the north side of the parking lot.

-- Areas with fenced parking compounds, such as Fleet Operations, Bryce Jordan Center, Physical Plant.

-- All farm areas.

Lots restricted until 3 a.m.

The following campus lots will be restricted for snow removal from midnight through 3 a.m. only:

-- Lot Red A — West of Atherton Street.

-- Lot Orange U – section located west of USB I and north of the driveway.

-- Lot Orange O – section next to the Tower Road Landscape Facility.

Employees with a valid faculty/staff permit who must report to work early may park in these areas beginning at 3 a.m.

Parking at Innovation Park

Overnight parking at Innovation Park will be available at the following locations: 

--100 Building (Outreach Building) — back row of spaces in the southwest corner.

-- 328/330 Building — first section of parking on the left from the entrance from Innovation Boulevard.

-- 329 Building — first row of spaces in the section of parking located between Daybridge and 329.

Oversized vehicles should be moved to one of the areas listed above. If it isn't possible to move to one of the designated overnight parking areas, special provisions can be made by calling the Parking Office at 865-1436 or sending an email to

Parking at the commuter lots

Lot 44 (Jordan East), Stadium West and Porter North are not “Midnight Clear” restricted lots. However, there is no parking at these lots 2 - 4 a.m., seven days a week.

If there are any questions regarding “Midnight Clear” parking restrictions, please contact the Parking Office by phone at 865-1436 or email at

Last Updated February 02, 2015