Nursing 350 students to benefit from Schreyer Honors College grant

January 06, 2015

Thanks to a course enhancement grant from the Schreyer Honors College, students in Darlene Clark’s spring 2015 Professional Role Development II class (Nursing 350) will explore “The Power of Money” in organizations with a health care-related mission.

“Junior nursing students in Nursing 350 study the interaction of ethical, legal and genetic issues as they apply to current health care practice, with a focus on behaviors such as honesty, integrity, responsibility and dependability in clinical practice and everyday life,” said Clark, a senior lecturer in nursing. “The role of nurse advocacy from an ethical and legal perspective is also analyzed. Students learn to identify the role that ethics, legal issues and genetics play in providing health care.”

Under the Schreyer grant, students will explore how five organizations -- Nestlé, Pfizer, Centre Volunteers in Medicine, Avon and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services -- have used money in both ethical and unethical ways.

“Two of these organizations were involved in unscrupulous practices, while two others are examples of how money can be used as a force for good, both locally and globally,” Clark said. “We’ll also review the Open Payments program of the federal Sunshine Act as it relates to financial gifts that companies make to physicians and hospitals.”

“The Power of Money” is the 2015 theme for the Schreyer Honors College’s Shaping the Future Summit, an annual series of events designed to engage the Penn State community in discussion and interactive programs focused on global issues and leadership scenarios for the next decade. 

Last Updated June 15, 2015