Parking changes in effect Thanksgiving week

November 20, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK — Several adjustments to campus parking will be in effect Thanksgiving week.

From Monday, Nov. 24, through Wednesday, Nov. 26, Orange (OS) and Commuter (CR) faculty/staff permits will be valid at Yellow F (Eisenhower Deck), Yellow D (East Deck), Nittany Deck, and Lot Red A. Commuter (CR) faculty/staff permits also will be valid at all Orange lots.

All other faculty/staff permit holders must park in their designated parking areas, or at one of the Orange or Commuter lots. Evening/weekend permits will remain valid only after 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. Orange and Commuter permits will not be valid at the HUB Parking Deck Monday through Wednesday.

To access gated AVI controlled facilities (East Deck and Nittany Deck) without the proper permit/transponder Monday through Wednesday, drivers should pull a stub from the gate machine to enter, then present the stub and faculty/staff permit to the attendant to exit.

On Thursday, Nov. 27, and Friday, Nov. 28, weekend parking rules will be in effect at all faculty/staff parking areas. All rules and regulations governing reserved spaces, metered spaces and handicapped spaces will remain in effect. A current faculty/staff permit must be properly displayed, and all vehicles must be parked within a designated parking space.

Penn State will host a home football game against Michigan State at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 29. All campus lots will be reserved and will require a valid permit to park. The following lots will close at midnight Friday night in advance of Saturday’s home football game: Commuter lots (Lot 44, Stadium West, Porter North); Porter South; Lot Orange L East; Lot Orange A West OPP; Lot Yellow H Shields; Lot Yellow H Wagner; Lot Yellow H IM; Lot Yellow H South (Pegula); Lot Orange B Softball; Lot Orange O Park Ave; Lot 82 Hastings. All normal parking regulations will go back into effect on Monday, Dec. 1.


Last Updated November 20, 2014