Kavehrad invited to visible light communications experts panel

November 19, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Mohsen Kavehrad, W. L. Weiss Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, has been invited to join the China Visible Light Communications Alliance (C-VLC) panel of world experts.

He was cited for his contributions and expertise in visible light communications (VLC).

Kavehrad was a guest speaker at the C-VLC Alliance's inaugural conference in Guangzhou, China, in August. He discussed the development and application of VLC in North America.

As a world expert, Kavehrad will share published results from research underway at Penn State's Center on Optical Wireless Applications.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the center brings together industry partners and research laboratories that have an interest in optical wireless applications designs. Currently, Penn State is collaborating with 10 local and national industry members to discuss fundamental issues and topics for future research.

Kavehrad said, "It is an honor to be named a world expert by the C-VLC Alliance. This will bring greater visibility to Penn State's electrical engineering program and to our work in visible light communications."

The C-VLC Alliance is a nonprofit organization under the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Science and Technology. The group aims to unite top universities, research institutions, financial organizations and leading industries in the field of VLC.

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