Identity Services launches new Web resource

Paul Yeager
November 11, 2014

Having secure, protected digital identities and proper access to online resources is vital to everyone affiliated with Penn State, and the University has a new resource dedicated exclusively to identity and access management:

The website provides information on the services currently being offered by Identity Services (IdS), the unit responsible for identity and access management at Penn State, as well as information about digital identities, the unit itself and how to get support for services. IdS was formed last year and is a unit of Information Technology Services (ITS).

Much of what IdS does is depended upon daily by Penn Staters, such as Access Accounts (your user ID) and LDAP (the Penn State Directory). Newer services, such as Electronic Account Activation and Two-Factor Authentication, will become equally important in the future.

Other services, such as Active Directory and Shibboleth, operate behind the scenes to keep Penn Staters secure and connected to important resources. The Central Person Registry (CPR) will ensure that identity-related data will be protected in a single, secure environment rather than in separate, non-integrated sources.

“In today’s world, it’s extremely important that digital identities be managed and protected properly, in a way that aligns Penn State with government, corporate and higher education standards,” said Renee Shuey, senior director of Identity Services. “Identity Services are vital to everything that Penn State does — from academics to research to collaborating with other institutions.”

A number of services highlighted on the new site were originally located on the Applied Information Technology (AIT) site. Update any bookmarks or links still pointing to pages on AIT’s former site.

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Last Updated November 12, 2014