Two Schreyer Honors College Scholars named to 2014 Homecoming Court

September 25, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Two Schreyer Honors College Scholars received the distinction of representing the Penn State student community as they were named to the 2014 Homecoming Student Court.

Seniors Ryan Henrici and Emily Zheng both made the final list of 10 students that started out with more than 1,500 nominations.

The list of nominations was then dwindled down to 68 applicants and 20 received interviews.

“I am honored to be nominated by my peers and selected by faculty members to represent the student body as a member of the 2014 Homecoming Court,” Henrici said. “It's an incredible opportunity to meet other student leaders and hopefully serve as a role model for underclassmen during this awesome, annual celebration of Penn State's history and traditions,” he said.

The Student Court is made up of five males and five females. There is also the University Court, which is comprised of faculty and staff.

Henrici, a biochemistry and molecular biology major, has been involved with THON over the last few years and is working on founding the first University-wide peer mentoring program on campus called The State Collaborative.

Once the court was selected, Henrici said he was in class when members of the Homecoming Executive Committee “crashed” his class and crowned him.

“I met everyone else on the faculty and student courts which was awesome because they all have done amazing things in service to our University,” he said.

Zheng, a finance and economics major, is also involved with THON as well as being the president of the Nittany Lion Fund.

“It's beyond exciting that I was awarded a position that represents and celebrates all the accomplishments of an amazing senior class,” she said.

Throughout Homecoming Week (Sept. 21 to 27) the court has spent time meeting a range of people from prospective students to alumni sharing all that Penn State has to offer and what it has done for them personally.

“I just hope to inspire other people to throw themselves into all the opportunities Penn State has to offer,” Zheng said. “Hopefully the 10 of us shed some light on the depth and breath of our class.”

Going into the week, Zheng only had one major concern.

“I just hope I don’t do anything silly or embarrassing while all eyes are on us,” she said. “We’re such an amazing, silly and funny group of people that we’ve become fast friends already.”

Homecoming events conclude Saturday, Sept. 27, when a king and queen will be crowned during halftime of the Penn State-Northwestern game.

Last Updated October 13, 2014