Chen receives Materials Research Society's Materials Theory Award

September 05, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Long-Qing Chen, distinguished professor of materials science and engineering, and engineering science and mechanics, has received the Materials Research Society's (MRS) 2014 Materials Theory Award.

The award recognizes exceptional advances made by materials theory to the fundamental understanding of the structure and behavior of materials.

Chen was cited for his pioneering work in the development of the phase-field method and its applications in the computational modeling of mesoscale structures and their dynamics in inhomogenous materials.

He will receive his award, which consists of a $5,000 prize, trophy and citation certificate, during the MRS fall meeting on Dec. 3 in Boston.

Chen's research interests are in multiscale modeling integrating density functional theory calculations, thermodynamic analysis and phase-field simulations; ion transport and microstructure evolution in solid electrodes and electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries and solid oxide fuel cells; interactions between dislocations, plasticity and phase microstructures; and integrated computational materials science and engineering.

A Penn State faculty member since 1992, he received his bachelor's degree in materials science and engineering from Zhejiang University, China; his master's degree in materials science and engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook; and his doctorate degree in materials science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Founded in 1973, the MRS consists of more than 16,000 members from 70 countries. The society promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research and technology to improve the quality of life.

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