University reminds employees of lobbying laws

To assist Penn State in complying with federal and state lobbying disclosure laws and pursuant to Penn State Policy AD50, Penn State employees who engage in lobbying on the University's behalf must notify the Office of Governmental Affairs of time and expenditures related to these activities. This information is required by state and federal law and is reported quarterly to the U.S. Congress and the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The following information outlines federal and state lobbying activities that must be included in the University's quarterly report.

Federal: Participation in federal lobbying activities requires completion of the Federal Lobbying Contact and Expense Reporting Form, which must be submitted to Zack Moore, director of Governmental Affairs, immediately following such activities. Federal lobbying activities include contact in person, written or by phone with certain legislative and executive branch officials made on behalf of the University. It is not considered a lobbying activity if asked to testify before a committee or respond to a request for information; however, University employees are strongly encouraged to notify the Office of Governmental Affairs of such a request as staff are able to provide assistance. Faculty and staff are reminded that federal funds may not be expended for lobbying purposes. Additional detail and frequently asked questions regarding federal lobbying on behalf of the University can be found online.

State: Participation in state lobbying activities requires completion of a Lobbying Expenses Form and Gift of Value Form, which must be submitted to Mary Ann Chavey, administrator support coordinator, immediately following such activities. State lobbying reportable items include: (1) any expenses incurred, and the documents to substantiate such expenses, on account of lobbying efforts undertaken on behalf of the University and (2) any time an item of value, such as a gift, meal or transportation, is provided to a member of the legislative and executive branches, any state official, employee or their immediate family, on behalf of Penn State. Additional detail regarding state lobbying can be found online.

Personal contacts with elected officials must be made in the name of the individual making the contact or on behalf of the professional society, and shall in no way imply that the contact is being made on behalf of the University. University letterhead and email are not to be used in presenting personal or professional society views in such cases. Questions regarding United States and Pennsylvania lobbying disclosure laws can be addressed by calling the Office of Governmental Affairs at 814-865-6563.


Last Updated September 17, 2014