PennTAP partnership offers experience to students, tech solutions to businesses

By Dane Vanover
August 12, 2014

Students in Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology will return to classrooms at University Park in a few weeks, armed with new knowledge and specialized skills, after a summer internship experience developed by the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program.

PennTAP’s Advanced Information Technology Solutions team, with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, has been able to offer a student internship program since 2011 that places students in paid positions with businesses around the state. Businesses receive quality assistance from students who are hungry for work while the students gain valuable experience helping the businesses with information technology projects such as setting up websites and managing social media accounts, improving cell phone, internet and computer usage, and even providing energy efficiency assessments.

PennTAP helps small businesses get online and grow

Many experts agree that high speed internet is a must for businesses hoping to be successful. Now The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program at Penn State is helping small Pennsylvania businesses get online and grow through an internship program offered at Penn State.

Aaron Wilson (junior in security and risk analysis) worked at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, part of Susquehanna Health, in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, as an information technology hardware install intern. Wilson said he was surprised at the amount of responsibility he was given at the job.

“I felt like a critical player in this organization,” said Wilson. “The last two months of my internship experience have basically been a blur with all of the projects I’ve been working on -- from installing biometric mice and microscope cameras to encrypting computers -- but it has been a blur that has been both extremely rewarding and educational.”

According to Donna Yale, PennTAP’s advanced IT team lead, the program has provided paid internships to approximately 40 students in its three-year span.

“I am so happy to be a part of this program that helps our clients while providing students with a phenomenal learning experience,” said Yale. “I only wish we could get more students and businesses involved.”

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Last Updated August 12, 2014