Penn State New Kensington provides free AT&T Wi-Fi to campus visitors

Penn State New Kensington now offers free AT&T broadband wireless access to guests and visitors to the campus thanks to a renegotiated contract between Penn State and AT&T. The service is available at other Penn State locations.

Visitors searching for a wireless network on their devices will see "attwifi,” which, once selected, can open any Web browser on their laptop or other wireless enabled device. They will see the AT&T Wi-Fi connection page to agree to the terms of service before being connected to the Internet. The free visitor network, which the campus anticipates will be accessed by such visitors as alumni, potential students and their families, faculty and researchers, and others, offers a more limited bandwidth than the main wireless network used by Penn State students, faculty and staff members.

The free network is not intended for use by anyone other than visitors to Penn State and can accommodate visitors’ general tasks such as checking email and Web browsing. However, like most open Wi-Fi hotspots, the visitor network is an unsecured connection and caution should be used when sending or receiving sensitive information. To alleviate congestion on the attwifi network, the AT&T Wi-Fi connection page will direct current Penn State students, faculty and staff members who have an active Penn State Access Account to connect to the more robust and secure Penn State Wireless network “psu.”

Instructions for connecting to the AT&T Visitor Wireless service at the New Kensington campus are available at

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Last Updated July 17, 2014