Alumnus selected as promising professor

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- A College of Communications doctoral graduate who earned his degree in May received one of the top awards from the Mass Communication and Society Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Drew D. Shade earned the Promising Professor Award, which honors new faculty and graduate students who demonstrate excellence and innovation in teaching. He will be honored Aug. 7 during the annual AEJMC Conference in Montreal. Winners of the award are asked to participate in a panel discussion and workshop at the AEJMC conference.

Shade, who earned his master’s degree in communication from Virginia Tech, received the Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award from Penn State earlier this year. His teaching has included a 300-student general education course, a skills-based lab course and a 400-level course that focuses on theory. Shade believes real-world application matters in every course he teaches. He has been praised for the range of material he uses and his versatility in the classroom.

“I strive to help my students learn concepts, principles and skills that they can apply to their daily lives,” he said. “My desire is that they never forget the overarching concepts that we discuss. Two elements that I emphasize are addressing the “so what” question early in each class and discussion about why this specific concept is significant to their lives and to society.”

Shade also understands that teaching is not a one-way process. “Even if the teacher is teaching, that does not mean that the students are learning,” he said. “Over the years, many teachers have helped me to learn the difference between teaching and learning.”

Shade extends his upbeat outlook to his research. He focuses on the positive effects of entertainment media consumption on perceptions of others and the subsequent prosocial behaviors.

Last Updated July 15, 2014