Outstanding IST community members recognized for their achievements

Mae Sevick
July 09, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Faculty and staff from Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) recently convened at the Nittany Lion Inn to celebrate and honor members of the IST community who made outstanding contributions to the college during the year and to recognize individuals who have been with the College of IST for five, 10 and 15 years of service.
Faculty Awards included the Senior Faculty Excellence in Research Award, received by Lee Giles, David Reese Professor of Information Sciences and Technology. This award recognizes IST faculty members at University Park who have achieved national and/or international recognition for high-impact, innovative and outstanding research in the field of information sciences and technology. A recipient may receive this award once in a lifetime. Giles said of the award, “None of this would have been possible without the students and colleagues I've worked with and the support of IST's excellent staff and leadership.”
The Junior Faculty Excellence in Research Award, received by assistant professor Dinghao Wu, recognizes the significance of an IST faculty member at University Park who has produced innovative and outstanding research results, contributed to breakthrough and high-impact research, or demonstrated the potential to solve challenging research problems. Of his award, Wu said, “I am greatly honored to be recognized with the Junior Faculty Excellence in Research Award. I do research on software systems, including software security, software protection, software analysis and verification, information and software assurance. My research has been funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Department of Energy (DOE).”
The Excellence in Research Award, received by Brian Cameron, executive director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture, recognizes IST faculty members at University Park whose scholarship, teaching and/or service directly contributes to society in areas such as community engagement, economic development, regional prosperity, health and well-being and sustainability of environments and natural resources. “It is an honor to receive this award and have the work that I’ve done in the Center for Enterprise Architecture be recognized by the College,” said Cameron. “I have been invited to speak around the globe on different topics related to Enterprise Architecture and work with a wide variety of global corporations and government bodies.”
The Staff Awards that were given include The Team Award, which honors staff members in the College of IST who, though exemplary team effort, have successfully completed a project of major impact within the college. The IST Research Administrative Team, composed of Carey Stover, Tracy Ray and Cindi Keeler received this year’s award. Of their work, a nominator wrote, “It is telling that our IST Office of Research Administration is viewed as experts by faculty and staff from throughout the University and even other universities.”
Graphic designer Kelly Bryan received the Customer Service Award, given to a staff member whose performance, methods and achievements exemplify the highest standards of customer service to the College and its varied clientele. A nominator for the award wrote of Bryan, "Frankly, I’ve never received such accolades about one person from such a large variety of constituents.” Of her award, Bryan said, “I feel very honored to have been voted for and that people think that I do a significant enough of a job to receive an award.”
The IST Public Service and Outreach Award, received by Peggy Stanton, facilities specialist, honors a staff member who, apart from his or her regular duties, has contributed the most to human causes, public service activities and organizations or the welfare of fellow humans on the campus or in their community. About her award, Stanton said, “I received the award for the event that was held last fall called Military Appreciation Day. It was held on Nov. 16, 2013; Penn State played Temple. I recruited 100+ volunteers to set up for a tailgate, serve food, empty garbage, tear down and clean up. The volunteers served over 2,500 military personnel and their families.” She went on to say, “I try my hardest to please all of my customers at work. It makes it easy getting up in the morning and coming to a job that you love.”
The Diversity and Equity Award is given to a staff member who significantly contributed to making the College of IST a welcoming climate to foster diversity and promote equality. This year’s recipient, Olivia Lewis, coordinator of multicultural affairs, said of her award, “The award means a great deal to me. I have been in IST since 2005 mostly doing diversity work and to receive the public recognition for my hard work is invigorating. … This award encourages me to continue what I do and to strive to be the best I can.”
The Community Award, received by administrative support assistant Wendy Fay, is given to a staff member who, through their own interactions and leadership, helped foster a sense of community within the college. About receiving her award, Fay said, “I primarily work on placement of over 100 of our graduate and undergraduate classroom assistants each semester in residential and online courses, and provide support to faculty in administrative responsibilities to Faculty Council and faculty meetings. The more I get to know people here, the more I am amazed, not only with the work that is done, but with the people they are. I am privileged to be a part of this community!”
Deb Pallo, financial assistant, received the Rising Star Award, given each year to a staff member whose performance on the job is exceptional and best exemplifies professionalism and dedication to the mission of the college and the University. A nominator wrote of Pallo, “Her customer service is stupendous. She makes every person who walks into this office comfortable. It does not matter whether it is faculty, staff, students or someone who is lost walking in the building.”
The recipient of this year’s Dean’s Circle of Excellence Award was Karen Brewster. The award is given each year to a staff member whose work contributed to the completion of a major project or program, which would not have been possible without the leadership and perseverance of this individual. Brewster wrote, “It was Maya Angelou who encouraged us to try and be the rainbow in someone’s cloud. Very simply, that is what I try to do each day in my role as assistant to the dean. Indeed, I am very blessed to be a member of the IST family and am very grateful to those who supported my nomination for this award.”

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