Smeal's Terrence Guay authors textbook on European business environment

Cambridge University Press has just released a new textbook, "The Business Environment of Europe," written by Penn State Smeal College of Business’ Terrence R. Guay, clinical professor of international business.

Providing a comprehensive overview of the business landscape in Europe, the textbook examines the region’s economies and policies, the structure and dynamics of specific industries, the impacts of globalization, and future challenges.

“A lot of Americans don’t really understand the intricacies of the European business environment. To lump all European countries together is a misunderstanding of Europe."

-- Terrence Guay, clinical professor of international business, Smeal College of Business

“A lot of Americans don’t really understand the intricacies of the European business environment,” said Guay. “To lump all European countries together is a misunderstanding of Europe. Some countries do have serious economic problems, but others are among the most competitive and successful nations in the world.”

One of the primary goals of the book is to communicate the varieties of capitalism that exist within Europe, he said. Another is to show the business implications of multilevel governance. Guay combines the scholarly literature of these two themes with an interdisciplinary approach to understanding Europe to organize the book’s structure.

“In Europe, they have the European Union shaping the business environment, as well as policies at the national level, and some countries have active local governments as well,” said Guay. “These are all things to consider when doing business in Europe.”

Guay, a Smeal faculty member since 2004, focuses his research on the competition between governments, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and other non-state actors to shape business behavior and the international business environment, with an emphasis on Europe. He teaches MBA courses in the Penn State Smeal MBA Program as well as upper-level international business courses for undergraduates.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial distribution from Clarkson, a master of business administration degree from Ohio State, and a master’s in international relations and a doctoral degree in political science both from Syracuse University.

"The Business Environment of Europe: Firms, Governments, and Institutions," is available now through Cambridge University Press.

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Terrence Guay is a clinical professor of international business at the Smeal College of Business.

Last Updated January 09, 2015