Health and Human Development funds biological mechanisms research

By Scott Sheaffer
July 01, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The College of Health and Human Development recently awarded funding to numerous investigators for research focused on biological mechanisms underlying health, development, disease or disability and/or biological indicators of health outcomes. This funding initiative was designed to assist faculty with biologically-oriented research, advance their projects and enhance their potential for securing extramural funding.

The awardees and associated projects include:

Mechanisms of neurovascular dysfunction in humans with psoriasis

Principal Investigator: Lacy Alexander, research associate professor of kinesiology

Investigators: Sara Ferguson, assistant professor of dermatology

The effects of route of administration of contraceptive hormonal therapy on hepatic production of IGF-1 and bone metabolism

Principal Investigator: Mary Jane De Souza, professor of kinesiology and physiology

Investigators: Madhusmita Misra, associate professor of pediatrics (Harvard University); Nancy Williams, professor of kinesiology and physiology; Richard Legro, obstetrics and gynecology; David, Wagstaff, research technologist, Methodology Center; Rebecca Mallinson, project coordinator; and Karsten Koehler project coordinator

Reproductive physiology maternal vitamin d deficiency, implantation and placental development in mice: the stage is set before the play begins

Principal Investigator: Alison Gernand, assistant professor of nutrition

Investigators: Francisco Diaz, associate professor of reproductive biology; Margherita Cantorna, distinguished professor of molecular immunology; and Troy Ott, professor of reproductive biology

The influence of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in adolescent alcohol behaviors

Principal Investigator: Helen Kamens, assistant professor of biobehavioral health

Investigator: Laura Klein, professor of biobehavioral health

Inflammatory mechanisms of cardiac cell death in the aged female rat heart

Principal Investigator: Donna Korzick, professor of physiology and kinesiology

Role of lipocalin 2, an innate immune protein in catalytic iron holmeostatis

Principal Investigator: M. Vijay Kumar, assistant professor of nutrition

Investigators: Matthew Fantle, associate professor of geosciences; and Thomas Spratt, associate professor of biochemistry

Mechanisms of altered circulatory control with age: Are men and women different?

Principal Investigator: David Proctor, professor of kinesiology and physiology

Investigators: James Pawelczyk, associate professor of kinesiology and physiology; and Gail Thomas, professor of medicine

Effects of culinary spices on lipid metabolism, gut motility, and fat excretion: Evaluating a new dietary strategy for improving fat metabolism (and perhaps obesity)

Principal Investigator: Sheila West, professor of biobehavioral health

Investigators: Penny Kris-Etherton, distinguished professor of nutrition; Josh Lambert, associate professor of food science; Greg Shearer, associate professor of nutrition; Matam Vijay Kumar, assistant professor of nutrition; and Mosuk Chow, associate professor of statistics

The impact of calorie-restricted weight loss on food intake following acute exercise in overweight young women: Role of appetite regulating hormones and eating behavior phenotypes

Principal Investigator: Nancy Williams, professor of kinesiology and physiology

Investigators: Mary Jane De Souza, professor of kinesiology and physiology; Karsten Koehler (project coordinator); and Barbara Rolls, Helen A. Guthrie Chair and professor of nutrition

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