Anthony R. D'Augelli to participate as panelist in response to PBS documentary

June 20, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Anthony R. D'Augelli, professor of human development and family studies, will participate in a panel responding to the national broadcast premiere of the film "Broken Heart Land." The film focuses on a gay young man living in a rural town who took his own life; it is part of the PBS series "America ReFramed."

D’Augelli’s participation was prompted because of his expertise and research on suicide among LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) youth. In addition, he has conducted research on the challenges faced by LGBT youth and adults who live in rural communities.

Joining D’Augelli in the panel will be "Broken Heart Land" filmmakers Jeremy and Randy Stulberg; producer Eric Juhola; Nancy and Nikki Harrington, Zack’s mother and sister; PFLAG's Southern Region Regional Director Kay Holladay; and LGBTQ youth advocate Jordan Scruggs.

Through the lens of 26 independent films like "Broken Heart Land," "America ReFramed" tells the stories of a transforming American culture and its broad diversity. The series takes an unfiltered look at relevant domestic topics (health care, immigration, the workplace and politics) with personal storytelling tied to programming social themes.

The national airing of "Broken Heart Land" was June 24, on the PBS World Channel.

  • Anthony D'Augelli

    Anthony D'Augelli is a professor of human development and family studies.

    IMAGE: Penn State
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