Awards recognize College of Communications staff members

June 18, 2014

Three staff members in the College of Communications were honored for their dedication, expertise and hard work with annual Deans’ Excellence Awards. 

The honorees were selected from a pool of strong nominations and were recognized during an on-campus event. Recipients were:

  •  Janet Klinefelter, scholarship and stewardship coordinator;
  • BB Muré, academic adviser; and
  • Serena Sidwell, administrative support assistant.

Dean Doug Anderson said staff members who pour their energy and personality into their jobs help the College of Communications serve many different audiences well. Those audiences range from students and parents to alumni and professional colleagues across the country.


“We had dozens of worthy recipients and ultimately we had to narrow it down to just the three recipients,” said Anderson, who reviewed the nominees with Marie Hardin, associate dean for undergraduate and graduate education. “Each of the honorees represents a different but critical area of the college, and they’ve done exceptional work during the past year.”

Last Updated January 09, 2015