University Park Cable TV service sees upgrade

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The University Park Cable TV service will move to an all-digital signal for the 2014 fall semester. The new service will provide an expanded channel lineup with a significant increase in the number of high-definition (HD) channels.

The change in the University Park Cable TV service to an all-digital signal will take effect the week of Aug. 18. All remaining analog channels that were still available will be eliminated. Students, faculty and staff should note that older televisions without digital tuners will no longer be able to receive the cable TV content and may need to be replaced.

The easiest way to check if your current TV will be able to receive the new signal is to tune to one or more of the currently offered campus digital channels. If content is received, the TV is compatible. Current digital channels include 72-3 through 80-11. To verify that your TV is HD compatible, tune to one of the HD channels currently offered, 71-1 through 74-2 and 98-1. Please note, an HD compatible TV is not required for the new system, but without it only standard definition channels will be available.

Students, faculty and staff may also check the specifications from the TV manufacturer to determine if it includes the required tuner. While there are several types of digital tuners available in the United States, only clear QAM tuners are compatible. Bargain brand televisions such as Dynex and Insignia, which offer lower quality QAM tuners, may have issues receiving all digital channels.

External QAM tuner conversion boxes can be purchased. Compatible brands that have been tested with the campus cable TV system include the ChannelMaster CM-7001 and the FireBird DCT210. However, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new TV with the required QAM tuner that also provides HD capability.

For more information on the change to the University Park Cable TV service, visit the FAQs.

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Last Updated June 05, 2014