Updates to Box boost cloud-based options at Penn State

Jennifer Struble
June 04, 2014

An update to Box, a cloud-based storage and collaboration service at Penn State, now allows students, faculty and staff to create, share and edit documents from within the Box service.
Called Box Notes and released in late May, the service enables users to create documents, take notes and collaborate with each other from separate work stations in real time. Note Head, a feature of Box Notes, identifies users who are editing by way of a user-chosen profile picture. The ability to add images, audio and video components to shared documents and a mobile version of Box Notes are planned for a future release.
Box provides users access to cloud storage with little to no service interruption. In addition to providing automatic backup for important files, Box enables easier collaboration between users with Box accounts at other institutions by allowing users to assign tasks and set deadlines for each other.
In October, Penn State signed a contract giving all students, faculty and staff access to Box enterprise accounts. These enterprise-level accounts contain a 50GB storage quota and a maximum file upload size of 10GB. These accounts also include data encryption, which conceals file information during uploads and storage.
Box is available to Penn State students, faculty and staff at no cost. Users may access the service by visiting box.psu.edu.

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Last Updated June 04, 2014