Schreyer Scholar shares bucket list for four memorable years

Schreyer Scholar Emily Duke pulled together this bucket list of Penn State events and Schreyer Honors College experiences for students planning to enter the Schreyer Honors College this fall as members of the Class of 2018.

To the incoming class of 2018 Schreyer Honors College Scholars — congratulations on your acceptance into the SHC. Here’s a list of the top memories to look forward to during your time as a Schreyer Scholar:

-- Make friends during SHO TIME.​ The Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME) is a fun-filled three days packed to the brim with games, laughter, activities and info sessions to start you on your journey in the SHC. You’ll get very close with other freshmen (Literally. You’ll know what I mean after the opening days events.), meet your best friends for the next four years, and learn what being a Scholar is all about. This year’s theme: “Once Upon a SHO TIME.” Talk about a storybook beginning for the adventure of a lifetime.

-- Celebrate Founders Day. Did someone say “cake”? The SHC commemorates its founding each September during this event, and it wouldn’t be a celebration without cake. Learn more about the college’s history and traditions with guest speakers, alumni and entertainment.

-- Hang out in The GLOBE. The GLOBE is Schreyer’s dormitory floor in Simmons Hall dedicated to expanding global perspectives, and it also has an awesome atmosphere, including study spaces, lounges and a kitchen. The private study rooms are perfect for late night cramming or group project meetings. Surprise your roommate by baking cupcakes for their birthday in the kitchen. Embrace your Big 10 pride and watch three football games at once on the big screen TVs. It happens. We promise.

-- Munch on a cone of Scholars Chip ice cream from the Berkey CreameryDid you know that Schreyer Honors College has its own ice cream flavor at the Creamery? Inspired by William Schreyer’s favorite ice cream (chocolate chip), this special flavor was created for Scholars and is often served at SHC events. If you pay a visit to the Creamery, you have to follow the rules. Don’t ask to mix flavors — they’ll look at you like you’re visiting from another planet.

-- Attend a Distinguished Honors Faculty Program.
Every month, Schreyer offers different dinners and trips with various topics led by members of the Distinguished Honors Faculty Program. It’s a great way for Scholars to connect with professors, get hands-on experience, and explore interests outside of their major. Trips have included the National Gallery of Art, a Walmart Distribution Center and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

-- Cheer on the Nittany Lions at a football game with people on your floor. Proudly cheer “WE ARE” as James Franklin leads the team in his inaugural year as head coach, the beginning of a new Penn State football era. Pass the Nittany Lion through the stands, and toss willing students high in the air for every point that Penn State earns. Jump up and down to “Zombie Nation,” and don your blue and white spirit with 107,000 of your closest friends. There’s no place like it. 

-- Watch the Homecoming Parade from the Schreyer Honors College steps. Penn State has one of the best homecoming parades in the entire country, and you have prime real estate to watch the show. Sit with your fellow Scholars and watch one of Penn State’s greatest traditions from the Atherton steps where you’re guaranteed to have a great view of all the crazy floats and costumes.

-- See the best view of Happy Valley from atop of Mount Nittany. With Berkey Creamery ice cream in every dining hall, the “Freshman 15” can be a reality, so take a break from your classes and enjoy the beautiful nature of Happy Valley. The top of Mount Nittany boasts a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Penn State’s campus, including the beloved Beaver Stadium. Take turns telling stories of Princess Nita-Nee and the legend of the mountain. Whether you’re a mountaineer or a rookie, put on your walking shoes and make the climb.

-- Camp out at Nittanyville. According to ESPN’s Brian Bennett, Penn State has the No. 1 student section for football in the country. (We could have told you that.) Students of Nittanyville really show this off by camping out to get the coveted front row of Beaver Stadium — sometimes for an entire week leading up to the game. The area outside Beaver Stadium is transformed into a tent city, complete with trashcan football and surprise guest appearances by coaches, players and local celebrities.

-- Dance the night away at the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON)There is nothing better than knowing you made a child smile a little brighter on THON weekend. This year, Penn Staters had more than 13.3 million reasons to smile — that’s how many dollars they raised for the Four Diamonds Fund to provide support to families fighting pediatric cancer. A year’s worth of fundraising culminates every February in a no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon. Think dance party meets water guns plus fanny packs and tutus. You not only get to make an incredible difference, but you also get to be a kid again.

-- Ask Dean Brady a thought-provoking question at Donuts with the Dean. Donuts with the Dean is held about once a month during the spring and fall semesters. It's a chance for students to get to know Dean Brady. Perhaps you’ve wondered how he became so Twitter savvy or why his beard makes him more scholarly. Here’s your perfect chance to ask him — and enjoy donuts, coffee and other delicious free breakfast foods. Start your day the Schreyer way.

-- Take Flat Lion abroad with you. The Flat Lion is a little cardboard Nittany Lion wearing the Schreyer medal who loves to come along in your suitcase with you wherever you go — internships, research trips, study abroad programs, etc. The SHC makes it easy for Scholars to go abroad, and they even have several signature global programs. For example, if you enjoy theater or are obsessing over the Royal Family, then the London Study Tour may be for you. Follow Scholars on their summer adventures with the hashtag #SHCTravel.

-- Snap pictures at the Lion Shrine as an incoming freshman and then again as a graduating senior.
“Hail to the lion, loyal and true. Hail Alma Mater, with her white and blue.” The lyrics to a Penn State fight song pay homage to our cherished mascot, the Nittany Lion. See it for yourself at the famous Lion Shrine. Take your picture with “the symbol of our best” and cherish the memories of how you’ve grown through the years. The latest trend? Lion selfies. #mcm … Mascot Crush Monday.

-- Ring the gong after completing your honors thesis. You will eye it up every time you enter the Schreyer office, but as tempting as it may be, it will be worth the wait. Ringing the infamous gong is a tradition to celebrate the hard work and long hours that go into completing an honors thesis. Every year Scholars finish theses in a variety of topics — from neurolinguistics and sports journalism to endangered lemurs and social media crises. When you’ve finished your thesis, you, too, will get to hit the gong. It’s like the ultimate stress reliever — pick up the mallet, hit the gong, and you’ll feel all of your stress melt away and know that you are one step closer to graduating with honors from Schreyer.

-- Graduate as a Schreyer Scholar and earn your medal. The Schreyer Honors College has its own honors medals ceremony before the rest of the Penn State university-wide ceremonies to recognize the accomplishments of its departing Scholars. Every graduate receives a medal emblazoned with words that define the Scholar experience: “integrity of purpose,” “intellectual curiosity” and “scholarly achievement.” You’ll not only leave the SHC with these cherished memories and lifelong friendships but also with important lessons — both in and outside the classroom.

You have all of this, and so much more to look forward to. And, this August, it begins with “Once Upon a SHO TIME …”

Welcome class of 2018!


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Last Updated May 22, 2014