Heard on Campus: Dan Susman, director/producer of 'Growing Cities' documentary

“Four years ago, I was a college student. I was in a lot of the same positions that you guys are in. I was really interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture and urban agriculture. My partner Andrew, as you saw in the film, had been working on a lot of movies. We said let’s combine our passions and try to work together on this.

It’s been a real learning process. It’s been over three and a half years now. If I knew it was going to take three and half years when I started at the end of college, I’m not sure if I would have done it at that time. With that said, looking back on it, I’m really happy that I did. To now know the people that I’ve met, the opportunities that I’ve had to really share these incredible stories has been really fulfilling for me. Having this part of sharing the stories and talking to people … this is why I’m doing this work. It’s really to try and engage people, connect people with the issues and use the film as a tool to bring people into the community.”

--Dan Susman, documentary filmmaker, speaking April 22 in 121 Sparks Building following the screening of his film “Growing Cities,” a story about the urban agriculture movement in the United States. Susman spoke about the development of the film as well the many issues that are facing American food systems today. Following the screening, he was joined on a panel by Penn State faculty members Clare Hinrichs and Bryan McDonald, emeritus professor and Friends & Farmers Cooperative interim board member Jim Eisenstein, and Paragon Foods Director of Marketing and Customer Relations Shane Hall.

Last Updated April 23, 2014