Dairy-based Mooofins stampeding to a dining commons near you

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Are you looking for a bit more dairy in your day? Consider adding a Mooofin to your meal. The Penn State Bakery is producing the student-created Mooofins for a special evening event in two of the dining commons in late April.

The bakery, with the aid of the student team, completed two test runs of the three Mooofin flavors through the bakery’s production system. Together they were able to achieve a product for mass production that was as close to the original product as possible. “We tested a few different size pans and temperatures, used all the same ingredients and methods of mixing and preparing as the students had done in their experiment,” said Heather Luse, Penn State Bakery Pastry Chef. “In the end the students were pleased with the outcome. The Mooofins will be prepared at the Bakery and finished at each location for their debut.”

Students will have an opportunity to sample the Mooofins from 5 to 7 p.m. on both Wednesday, April 23, in South Food District and Thursday, April 24, at West Food District. At the debut, the student team will be on hand to introduce and discuss their creations with their peers.

The Mooofins are quiche-like muffins created by Penn State food science majors for the Dairy Research Institutes New Product Competition. The challenge, which the Penn State team won, required the team of students to develop a high-protein, dairy-based product that contained at least 51 percent dairy ingredients. The Mooofins’ main dairy ingredient is cottage cheese and the three unique flavors: maple bacon cheddar, bell pepper and mushroom, and blueberry sausage; won over the competition’s judges.

“This is a neat story,” said Luse. “This was something very new to the Bakery and our employees enjoyed the chance to be involved with such an exciting adventure with our students.”

For more information on the Mooofins, visit www.mooofins.com.

Last Updated April 15, 2014