BOT elections open until May 8

Elections are underway for seven members of Penn State's 32-member Board of Trustees for terms beginning July 1.

Alumni trustee election ballots were distributed April 10 to all qualified electors who have a valid email address on file in the University’s alumni records.  Previously, only individuals who were active members of the Alumni Association or donors automatically received ballots. Those who did not receive a ballot can request one by going to online. Those without Internet access can make a request by contacting the Board of Trustees Office at 814-865-2521. Once a request has been received and the record of the requester has been qualified, an election link or paper ballot will be distributed as appropriate.

"This year as a way to expand the number of alumni receiving ballots automatically, we collaborated with the Alumni Association to mail out more than 180,600 post cards to alumni, encouraging them to update their contact information," said Jeanie Andrews, director of the Office of the Board of Trustees. "Alumni input is critical and valued in these elections, and we want as many alumni to participate as possible."

Andrews said more than 1,700 people responded to the postcards with updated information, and their email addresses were included in the list of those who automatically received election ballots.

Biographical information and position statements for each candidate are available on a Meet the Candidates page. In addition, the Penn State Alumni Association invited the candidates to participate in a voluntary “Three Questions for the Candidates” session and those responses are posted at online.

Procedures for the election of alumni trustees can be found at online. All online voting must be completed by the close of the election at 9 a.m. EDT May 8.

May 8 also is the date for the election of two trustees by delegates representing organized and registered agricultural organizations in Pennsylvania. Information about procedures for the election of trustees by agricultural delegates can be found at online.

In addition, two trustees will be elected to represent business and industry endeavors. The selection group on board membership for Business and Industry Trustees is composed of five members – three seated trustees representing business and industry endeavors, and two trustees from among those elected by the alumni, elected by agricultural associations or appointed by the governor. Those standing for re-election are not eligible to serve on the selection committee. More information about that process can be found at online.

Of the 32 members of Penn State's board, five trustees serve in an ex officio capacity by virtue of their position within the University or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They are the president of the University (non-voting); the governor of the Commonwealth (non-voting); and the state secretaries of the departments of Agriculture; Education; and Conservation and Natural Resources. Six trustees are appointed by the governor; nine trustees are elected by the alumni; six are elected by organized agricultural societies within the Commonwealth; and six are elected by the Board of Trustees representing business and industry endeavors.

For more information on the Board of Trustees, visit online.

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Last Updated April 15, 2014