Heard on Campus: Jayme Goldberg, co-founder of SilverLine Athletics

April 08, 2014

“Let resistance fuel your motivation. If you truly are disruptive, by definition, people aren’t going to like it. When you deal with someone (be it a competitor, colleague, or manager) who is comfortable with, and rooted in, what they do, they are not going to like what you’re doing. When you embrace that resistance -- every time someone says, ‘No, that makes no sense, I’m happy with what I do,’ -- you begin to realize that it’s just more evidence that what you’re doing is something that has never been done before.”

-- Jayme Goldberg ('92 real estate and finance), co-founder of SilverLine Athletics, discussing the importance of disruption for an entrepreneur. In her role at SilverLine, Goldberg leads strategic planning and business development initiatives. She is an expert at finding opportunities within niche, fragmented industries and has 20 years of experience in the institutional investment management industry.

Goldberg spoke Tuesday (April 8) as part of IST Start-up Week 2014, a week-long showcase of innovations and entrepreneurship featuring “insider” talks by industry giants, cutting-edge technology demonstrations, and numerous networking opportunities for Penn State students who aspire to be trailblazers in whatever field they choose.

  • Jayme Goldberg, co-founder of SilverLine Athletics, talks during IST Start-up Week at University Park campus.

    Jayme Goldberg, co-founder of SilverLine Athletics, talked April 8 about the importance of disruption to generating business ideas, during IST Start-up Week on the Penn State University Park campus.

    IMAGE: Emilee Spokus
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