Illinois Clean Coal Institute representative to speak on coal mining research

January 31, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The U.S. coal industry has undergone some major transformations in the past half century. Each decade had its own issues from oil embargos and pollution control to the safety and productivity of the workforce. On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Joseph Hirschi's will present "The Role of Research in the Coal Mining Industry: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward," which will explore how research has evolved from a proactive, industry-driven effort to a reactive, government-funded enterprise. His presentation is part of the EMS Energy Institute's Energy Exchange Seminar Series.

Hirschi, a project manager for the Illinois Clean Coal Institute, has a doctorate in engineering science and currently oversees sponsored research in the areas of coal miner health and safety, advanced coal mining technologies and coal preparation.

Energy Exchange is a seminar series hosted by the EMS Energy Institute as part of its outreach mission. The seminars focus on highly relevant energy topics especially in the area of fossil fuels. Energy topics discussed include new innovations in carbon dioxide utilization, clean coal, petroleum and natural gas, and fuel cells. Speakers include Penn State faculty as well as government and industry professionals.

The seminars are held from 10 to 11 a.m. every other Wednesday in C213 Coal Utilization Laboratory at the EMS Energy Institute. Refreshments will be available a half-hour before the lecture. Seminars are open to everyone.

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    The EMS Energy Institute's Energy Exchange Seminar Series lineup focuses on highly relevant energy topics in areas such as biofuels, petroleum and natural gas, and clean coal. For more information on speakers, visit

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