Trustee committee hears report on second phase of IM building expansion

January 16, 2014

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The second phase of expansion to the Intramural (IM) Building on the University Park campus translates into better facilities and more recreational space for students.

Penn State Board of Trustees Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning today (Jan. 16) received a report from Ford Stryker, associate vice president for the Office of Physical Plant, on the proposed final plans for the next phase.

The full Board of Trustees will vote on Friday, Jan. 17, regarding approval of the plans and authorization to award the project’s contracts, totaling nearly $31.3 million. At its meeting on March 15, 2013, trustees approved the appointment of Moody Nolan Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, as the architectural firm for future phases of renovation to the IM Building.

"This second phase of construction will address several long-requested improvements to the building — notably, three additional recreational courts, upgraded locker room facilities, a new multi-activity court and a longer running track with rounded corners," Stryker said.

The IM Building, constructed in 1975, began phase one of the building’s renovation and expansion in February 2013 to help address a significant deficit in recreational space at University Park, particularly a lack of fitness facilities on the eastern portion of campus near East Halls residences. Phase one is scheduled for completion this May. The Student Facilities Fee Advisory Committee has endorsed the use of funds to support both phases of the renovation, including a majority of the second-phase costs.

The new phase of construction, totaling 55,000 new and 41,000 renovated square feet, will allow for a two-story addition on the north side of the building, facing Park Avenue. A third-phase addition on the building’s east side, completing the building’s master plan, will be addressed if and when further funding becomes available.

Intramural Building architectural plans main level view of existing and three planned phases

Architectural plans of the Intramural Building's main level illustrate the first and second phases of expansion superimposed over the existing building, as well as a possible future third phase of growth.

IMAGE: Penn State

The new construction will have three levels, with the majority of the main level housing a new gymnasium with three courts, and a west-east hallway with day lockers on either end will join the existing building with this addition. The building’s current central court area will be repurposed as a multi-activity court.

The mezzanine level will streamline the north end of the running track and extend it by about 200 feet. Windows along an overhang on the northwestern corner of the track will overlook intramural fields and Beard Field, the University’s softball park. Existing basement locker rooms will be renovated, and a large portion of the new basement space will be used initially for storage.

Outside, storm water will be managed in a rain garden feature on the northwest corner of the building. A receiving area and a fire lane that also will accommodate pedestrian traffic round out the construction plans.

Construction on the second phase is scheduled to begin in February and conclude by summer of 2015.

  • Intramural Buildiarchitectural rending, interior view from second-floor running track overlooking basketball, multi-use court

    An interior view from the Intramural Building's expanded and streamlined second-floor running track shows the center court of the second-phase expansion. 

    IMAGE: Penn State

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