Alumni trustee nomination ballots to be sent Jan. 15

December 16, 2013

Alumni nominations for the 2014 Board of Trustees elections will open Jan. 15 and be accepted through Feb. 25.

On Jan. 15, the Board of Trustees office will email nomination information to all Penn State alumni who are Alumni Association members or have contributed financially to the University in the past two years, as long as they have a valid email address on file with the Alumni Association. Those who requested a ballot during either of the last two elections also will receive a ballot automatically at the email address on file.

Alumni who do not receive the nomination email on Jan. 15 can request a ballot by going to or calling Votenet toll-free at 866-307-0041.

Candidates who receive at least 50 nominations, meet the qualifications to be a trustee and agree to run will have their names placed on the election ballot, which is distributed April 10. Those who receive a nomination ballot in January will receive the election ballot automatically. The election runs through 9 a.m. May 8. Information about qualifications to serve as an alumni member of the Board of Trustees can be found at online.

Registered Pennsylvania agricultural organizations will be electing two trustees in 2014. In order to register, organizations must be structured at a county level with agriculturally related interests and must be in existence at least 90 days prior to the election.

Nominations also are being sought for two trustees who are elected to represent business and industry endeavors. Nominations will be accepted until Feb. 25 in the Board of Trustees Office on behalf of the Selection Group on Board Membership for Business and Industry Trustees. The nomination forms will be available in late January at online. The selection group recommends two candidates for membership on the Board of Trustees from the pool of nominations received.

Penn State's 32-member Board of Trustees is composed of the following:

Five trustees serve in an ex officio capacity by virtue of their position within the University or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They are the president of the University; the governor of the Commonwealth; and the state secretaries of the departments of Agriculture; Education; and Conservation and Natural Resources. The University president and the governor are nonvoting members. Six trustees are appointed by the governor; nine trustees are elected by the alumni; six are elected by organized agricultural societies within the Commonwealth; and six are elected by the Board of Trustees representing business and industry.

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