Faculty Senate releases agenda for Dec. 10 meeting

December 04, 2013

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The University Faculty Senate will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, in 112 Kern Graduate Building. The items below will be considered at the meeting.

President Rodney Erickson will address the Senate and respond to questions. The President’s comments will be followed by remarks from Keith Crocker, chair of the Healthcare Task Force.

A vote will be taken on revisions to the Bylaws, Article VII, Section 3 (College of Medicine, Delegation of Authority).

LionPATH Project Director Michael Büsges will present the Project LionPATH report sponsored by the Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling and Student Aid. Vice President for Outreach and Vice Provost for Online Education Craig Weidemann will present the Update on Penn State MOOC Strategy report sponsored by the Senate Committee on Outreach. Reports appearing in the agenda only and posted on the University Faculty Senate website include the Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling and Student Aid’s Faculty Senate Scholarships Awarded to Undergraduates. Senators with questions about this report may send questions to senate@psu.edu and they will receive a response from the committee chair.

Faculty Senate meetings are aired live via Mediasite. Instructions for the use of Mediasite are available at http://www.senate.psu.edu/agendas-records.html. The Senate office will be piloting a new voting system during the Dec. 10 Senate plenary meeting. The new system will allow Senators who are participating via Mediasite to vote by using www.polleverywhere.com. Instructions for using this voting system are posted at  http://senate.psu.edu/agenda/voting-instructions.html.

Members of the University community are invited to attend this meeting. Any member of the University community not a member of the Senate may request the privilege of the floor on any item of business already before the Senate. Such a request must be made to the chair, through the executive director, at least four calendar days before the meeting at which the individual wishes to speak.

The Senate Agenda will be posted on the Senate website one week prior to each meeting and the Senate Record (minutes) will be posted approximately three weeks following each meeting at http://www.senate.psu.edu/agendas-records.html.

For information on submitting major, minor, option or course proposals, the Guide to Curricular Procedures is available at http://www.senate.psu.edu/curriculum_resources/guide/contents.html. The Senate Curriculum Report is available at http://www.senate.psu.edu/curriculum_resources/bluesheet/bluex.html.

Last Updated December 04, 2013