Student 'Doctor Who' fan club holds Dog-tor Who contest in Engineering Library

Abby Maxwell, undergraduate in communications
November 08, 2013

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- It’s common knowledge among most members of the Penn State community that our school is home to hundreds of clubs and organizations. One club some students may not know about is TARDIS: Penn State’s "Doctor Who" club. “Doctor Who” fans know that in the context of the television show, TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is a time traveling British Police Box. But at Penn State, TARDIS stands for True Aficionados Relating to "Doctor Who" and Intersecting Subjects.

Penn State TARDIS is a group of students — many of whom happen to be engineering students — who share a common love of “Doctor Who” and all things relating to British television. The club meets weekly to watch episodes, play games and discuss their passion for these various shows. In addition to meetings to celebrate their passion for “Doctor Who,” the club holds fundraising events such as pierogi days and collecting food for underprivileged local families. Bonnie Osif, engineering librarian and faculty adviser for Penn State TARDIS, says, “they are a phenomenal group — a joy to be with.” She shares their love of “Doctor Who” and states that she would love to play a role in an episode, even as a Dalek — simplified for those less familiar with the show as “basically an evil salt shaker that wants to kill you.”

Penn State TARDIS, as well as “Doctor Who” fans around the world, are looking forward to the show’s 50th Anniversary on Nov. 23. In honor of this momentous event, Penn State's Engineering Library has organized a contest for all Doctor Who fans in the Penn State community. Beginning Nov. 7, the contest revolves around an illustration on display in the Engineering Library. Drawn by J Harlan Ritchey, a staff member in the Engineering Library, it features the library’s mascot, Bluford, wearing items and accessories that represent 10 of the Doctors from the television program. The Engineering Library’s mascot Bluford was named after Guion “Guy” Bluford, a Penn State graduate and the first African-American in space, and this iteration of him as “Dog-tor Who” is just one example of Ritchey’s impressive illustrations for various engineering events.

Contest entry forms are available in the Engineering Library, 325 Hammond Building, and should list the item or accessory and the Doctor’s number and actor’s name who wore the piece. Bonus points will be given for identifying the name of the doctor’s companion and the two doctors that companion appeared with. Entries will be accepted until noon Nov. 20, and the winner will be announced before Friday, Nov. 23, in 325 Hammond Building and via email to the winners. Prizes include “Doctor Who” items.

For questions, contact Bonnie Osif at or 814-865-3697.

Last Updated December 05, 2013