School of Visual Arts student Annalisa Barron's artwork on display at Eisenhower

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Five works by Annalisa Barron, a bachelor of fine arts student in Penn State’s School of Visual Arts Painting and Drawing Program, are on display in the Eisenhower Auditorium Conference Room during the fall semester as part of an ongoing collaboration between the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State and the School of Visual Arts.

The creations, which incorporate painting and sculpture, are:

-- "Interior," 48- x 36- x 6-inch, oil paint and metal solder on canvas
-- "Bursting in Air," 66- x 120- x 2-inch, acrylic and metal solder on canvas
-- "Life Boat," 48- x 42- x 5-inch, ceramic, acrylic and found objects on board
-- "Chair Man," 54- x 30- x 8-inch, upholstery and found objects
-- "Incarnate," 60- x 30- x 8-inch, recycled materials from an abandoned building

“I’m a bit of a bricoleur (someone who engages in bricolage, the creation of works from diverse materials that happen to be available). I work with whatever I can find that lets my idea come alive,” said Barron, who’s scheduled to graduate in December. “The idea itself dictates how I work and what I work with. Sometimes I’m cutting up furniture with my chainsaw. Sometimes I’m tediously finger-knitting pieces of a book together into rope.”

The pieces in the exhibit are a sampling of Barron’s studio work from the past year.

“I have been exploring the same themes through a variety of visual languages and media,” she said. “The show is, in part, a display of my progression while in school and in part a documentation of my life during that time. The two marionettes are the main characters in my first two films: "Chair Man"and "Incarnate." I compose the music for the films, as well. I’m now focusing my effort on my films rather than one specific media.”

The ongoing Eisenhower exhibits provide exposure for the creative works of School of Visual Arts students and faculty. The conference room, in the auditorium at the corner of Eisenhower and Shortlidge roads on the University Park campus, is open to the public for Artistic Viewpoints and Kids Connections sessions one hour before most Center for the Performing Arts presentations.

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Last Updated October 29, 2013