Undergraduate Advising Handbook features new design

October 04, 2013

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) launched a new look this week for Penn State’s 35-year-old Undergraduate Advising Handbook, which now offers an accessible and responsive structure, new features and a contemporary, user-friendly interface. 

Located at http://handbook.psu.edu, the redesigned handbook provides multiple ways to search for academic information, includes a Categories feature that groups topics with an overarching theme, and provides links to additional University resources. Topic pages also cite relevant Faculty Senate and/or Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures references. 

Long regarded as Penn State’s central source of academic information, policies and procedures indexed and cross referenced for easy use and practical application, the handbook is used heavily by faculty, staff and students, and is cited by colleges and offices throughout the system.

Handbook author and founder, Laura Brown, a senior undergraduate studies adviser in DUS, said, “The handbook represents the work of many officials in dozens of offices across Penn State. Creating this advising guide for the University and keeping it current is truly a collaborative effort that requires the input of its users.

Updating is a continuous process, new topics are added as warranted,” she continued, “and every indexed item is reviewed annually by multiple experts. We always appreciate hearing from anyone who has a question, concern or suggestion, and do our best to make adjustments very quickly.”

Feedback about the redesigned Undergraduate Advising Handbook can be directed to Laura Brown at lsb7@psu.edu or 814-865-7576. Suggestions can also be sent via the new website’s Suggest a Change form at http://handbook.psu.edu/content/suggest-change.

The Division of Undergraduate Studies, a unit within the Office of Undergraduate Education, serves as Penn State’s largest unit of enrollment for first-year students, leads the development of advising policies and practices, manages the University-wide academic information network, and provides general academic advising for any current and prospective Penn State student.

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