College of Education names new associate dean

September 16, 2013

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Stephanie Knight, professor of education (educational psychology), has been named the College of Education’s new associate dean for undergraduate and graduate studies.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the outstanding faculty, students, staff and administrators in the College of Education in my new role as associate dean,” said Knight. “The quantity and quality of college and departmental innovative activities and accomplishments are very impressive. I am looking forward to being a part of such a stimulating environment.”

In her new role, Knight said she is eager to provide leadership in an era of unprecedented challenges in education, such as rapid technology changes, shrinking resources, and standards-based assessment and accountability.

“If we view these challenges as opportunities for improvement, we can make an impact on K-16 education,” said Knight. “I see the College of Education meeting current challenges through leadership in three areas: educational innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and diversity, and research and assessment. I hope that I can help provide a framework in the college to set and accomplish ambitious goals in these areas.”

Throughout her career, Knight offered leadership to numerous higher education groups, including as director of the Center for Collaborative Learning Communities at Texas A&M University (TAMU) and as the executive director of the Houston School-University Research Collaborative, a consortium of eight urban school districts and regional service centers and the University of Houston. She also served as associate director of research into practice for the National Science Foundation Information Technology in Science Center for Teaching and Learning.

Knight has received several recognitions for her performance and scholarship, including the University Distinguished Teaching Award, an endowed chair in urban education and an appointment as a university faculty fellow, all at TAMU. 

In 2009, Knight came to Penn State where she joined the educational psychology, counseling and special education department in the College of Education where she teaches courses in educational psychology and effective teaching.

Her research interests include classroom processes and learning environment, professional development and teacher education particularly in adverse settings. She has numerous books, book chapters, journal articles and conference presentations in these areas.

Knight currently serves as the lead editor for the “Journal of Teacher Education” and was previously co-editor of the “American Educational Research Journal.”

She received her doctorate from the University of Houston and her master’s degree from Lehigh University.

Knight replaced outgoing associate dean, Jacqueline Edmondson, who became the new associate vice president and associate dean for undergraduate education at Penn State.

  • Stephanie Knight

    Stephanie Knight, the College of Education's associate dean for undergraduate and graduate studies

    IMAGE: Penn State

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