Heard on Campus: Peter Noguera

September 13, 2013

"Why are we reforming, reforming, reforming and nothing's changing? We are asking the wrong questions. We are asking how students are performing on standardized tests when we should be asking how we can create a learning environment where students are excited and engaged, and can succeed regardless of race or socioeconomic background. Pressure and humiliation is what passes as public policy in our country, and it doesn't work."

-- Pedro Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University, speaking Friday (Sept. 13) during the second event of the 2013-14 Penn State Forum Speaker Series at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. Noguera advocated for these research-based educational reforms:  1) a coherent instructional guidance system; 2) development of the professional capacity of faculty; 3) strong parent-community-school ties; 4) a student-centered learning climate; and 5) leadership (primarily from school principals) that drives change. 

Last Updated September 16, 2013