University Police encourage safe travel on campus

August 30, 2013


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- With the fall semester in full swing, Penn State University Police and Transportation Services are reminding those traveling on campus -- whether on foot or on wheels -- to obey state laws and University regulations to ensure safety.

-- Slow down when approaching a crosswalk or intersection.
-- Watch for pedestrians and be prepared to yield; the law requires motorists to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.
-- Travel at a prudent speed.
-- Watch for mid-block crosswalks.
-- Look out for pedestrians who may dart out between cars or buses or cross mid-block without a crosswalk.
-- Drivers on streets with multiple lanes in each direction should be aware that pedestrians may be crossing all lanes.
-- Watch for bicycles. Drivers are required to provide cyclists with a 4-foot clearance by entering the opposing lane of travel once no oncoming traffic is present.

-- Bicycles are considered vehicles under the law if operated on a roadway. Cyclists must obey all rules of the road, including stopping at stop signs and may not pass vehicles stopped at a stop sign or stop light. Cyclists must also signal their intentions to other vehicles.
-- Cyclists may not operate on sidewalks or on any pedestrian path in the limited bicycle zone, which is bounded by Fraser, Curtin, Shortlidge and Pollock roads.
-- Cyclists may operate on malls and pedestrian paths, other than those on central campus, given that the rider exercises due caution and yields to pedestrians.
-- Between dusk and dawn, bicycles must have a white front light, a rear red reflector and amber side reflectors all visible from 500 feet.

Skateboarders and others using similar coasting devices
-- Skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, scooters, sleds and similar coasting devices are not vehicles and are prohibited on roadways. Persons on such devices are considered pedestrians for traffic control purposes and may be cited for applicable violations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.
-- The use of skateboards or longboards on campus is prohibited.

Pedestrians-- Cross only at crosswalks and never between parked or stopped vehicles, such as buses.
-- Wait for a gap in traffic, then step off the curb or fully enter the crosswalk and make eye contact with approaching drivers. Never step off the curb into the path of a traveling vehicle.
-- Look all directions before entering the crosswalk.
-- Watch for turning vehicles at intersections, even if pedestrians have the right-of-way.
-- On streets with multiple lanes in each direction, be aware of what drivers in both near lanes are doing.

For more information on motorist and cyclist safety, visit

Penn State University Policy SY16 Regulations for Bicycles/ Mopeds/Skateboards/Scooters/In-Line Skates/Roller Skates/Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices can be found at

Last Updated August 30, 2013