Professor receives National Science Foundation funding for physics research

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. – Tai-Yin Huang, associate professor of physics at Penn State Lehigh Valley, has recently been awarded supplemental funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the amount of $19,998 under the AGS-1202019 award "Micrometeoroid Mass Flux Influences on Space Weather and Middle Atmosphere Aeronomy Studied Using the Six NSF Radars and Modeling" (Primary investigator: John Mathews, electrical engineering department, Penn State University).

The chemistry models developed by Huang can be used to study if there is any airglow variation induced by the passage of meteors either through the atmospheric compositional changes or by chemical reactions.  It is essential to investigate the chemical reactions in the models for normal conditions so that they can be used as a baseline for comparisons when there are meteors.

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Last Updated July 31, 2013