University to close on Friday after Thanksgiving holiday

Penn State President Rodney Erickson has announced that the University will be closed on Friday, Nov. 29, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, as it was last year.

"I believe that this day off for Penn State employees has been earned, and I am taking this opportunity to thank our faculty and staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the year," Erickson said. "It's the great work of our employees that allows Penn State to make the tremendous impact that it does every day in teaching, research and public service. Thanks to all of you who have committed to our mission."

Thanksgiving Friday will be a close-down day. It is not considered a "holiday," so provisions for premium pay and the like do not apply.

Human Resources Guideline HRG10, "Handling 'Weather Day' Absences or Official University Closedowns Due to Weather Conditions," provides the needed guidance for staff and technical-service employees. In general, the following will apply:

-- Employees who normally work Fridays and are not required to work, including wage payroll employees who are eligible for earned time, will receive pay for the day as if they had worked. Employees who had previously scheduled a vacation day or other paid time off will not have such time charged.

-- Employees who are required to work Thanksgiving Friday, including wage payroll employees who are eligible for earned time, will receive time off equivalent to the number of hours worked.

-- Full-time staff and technical-service employees whose regular day off falls on Thanksgiving Friday will receive an additional day of equivalent time off to be scheduled at another time mutually agreeable to the employee and the supervisor. Although this represents an expansion of the benefit provided for in the guideline, it is in keeping with the intention of the provision of this unique benefit.

For more information, contact your human resources representative.

Last Updated July 23, 2013