Heard on Campus: Chip Kidd at the Penn State Forum

"She said, 'Well, this may be the area of graphic design that we're going to have to steer you away from,' and then she went on for what seemed like hours, but I'm sure was just a few minutes, on why it wasn't working well and what could be done to improve it. And I was mortified. But she was right, she was very good teacher, and I got a wonderful education from here at Penn State."

— Graphic designer and 1986 Penn State alumnus Chip Kidd, recalling an unnamed professor's critique of a book jacket project he completed as a freshman. For 26 years, he has designed book covers at New York publisher Alfred A. Knopf's office. Kidd spoke today (April 4) at the Forum Speaker Series in The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel at University Park. Kidd explained how artists should "fail better," improving after missteps in the creative process. Kidd has designed book covers for the likes of John Updike, Michael Crichton and Neil Gaiman. His own writings include The New York Times Notable Book "The Cheese Monkeys" and the graphic novel "Batman: Death By Design." Kidd also will speak this evening at 7:15 p.m. at the Days Inn, 240 S. Pugh St., State College, during a free program organized by the Schlow Centre Region Library.

The final Forum Speaker of the season will be Beverly McIver, Suntrust Endowed Chair Professor of Art at North Carolina Central University, at 11:30 a.m. April 19, in President's Hall at The Penn Stater. 

Last Updated April 04, 2013