Educational Equity divisions score four for four with Green Paws program

March 29, 2013

Penn State President Rodney Erickson recently presented Level Four Green Paws certification to four units in the Educational Equity division.

“Sustainability is being embraced at Penn State, and we want every student to graduate with a full understanding of what this approach to decision-making is and why it is important. Your offices are distinguished by your leadership and commitment to green practices and serve as a fine example to the University community,” he said, addressing the 20 staff who participated in the program.

“Sustainability is being embraced at Penn State, and we want every student to graduate with a full understanding of what this approach to decision-making is and why it is important," said President Rodney Erickson. 

Staff from Educational Equity’s Information Technology, Multicultural Resource Center, Upward Bound Math & Science Center, and the Office for Disability Services received the certificates and framed letter from the President. These four offices represent the top 1% of offices in the Green Paws program. They join only three other offices that have achieved this Level 4 distinction from more than 80 offices with more than 1,700 Penn Staters working through the program. The other Level Four earners include Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, University Health Services Administration and Facilities offices and the Larson Institute.

Denice Wardrop, director of Penn State’s Sustainability Institute, applauded the group’s effort to be good stewards of our resources, as well as becoming critical partners in the education of our students, providing the day-to-day example of thinking anew and providing solutions that are critical to sustainability understanding. She then challenged the group to participate in the Green Teams’ 12% Energy Challenge this week.

Dr. Erickson pointed out that the University spends more than $50 million annually on utilities, and it is estimated that through the Green Teams and Green Paws program, the University could significantly reduce utility usage, saving up to $5 million annually. Those offices working through the four levels of the Green Paws office certification program are showing how it is done, from turning off their lights when they leave rooms, to consolidating printers, using public transportation, reducing paper use, and purchasing recycled content products.

The program is self-guided, and any office, no matter the size, can register to participate, finding simple ways to use our resources more efficiently. Having gone through all four levels of the program, Shelly Aina, Information Technology Manager and chair of the Educational Equity Green Team, remarked, “I am proud and energized by the Educational Equity commitment to environmental stewardship and its far-reaching impact on so many aspects of our lives. I hope our actions will serve to encourage others to complete Green Paws certification. We ARE!”

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Last Updated April 25, 2013