Kelsey is 2013 recipient of Faculty Outreach Award

March 21, 2013


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Timothy Kelsey, professor of agricultural economics in the College of Agricultural Sciences, has received the 2013 Faculty Outreach Award.

The award honors faculty who have positively and substantially affected individuals, organizations or communities through problem solving or development as a result of extending their scholarship.

During his two decades as a Penn State faculty member, Kelsey has spearheaded the development and implementation of a wide range of outreach programs and of research in support of those endeavors. His initiatives have focused on five areas: land use and the economic impacts of change, local taxation and tax reform issues, governance education for local officials, farm-nonfarm issues and the future of agriculture in Pennsylvania, and implications of natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale.

“In each of these areas,” one nominator wrote, “he has developed an impressive array of educational programs, workshops, public presentations, Web sites, hands-on tools, videos, in-service training materials and workshops, and other activities designed to meet varying audiences’ needs.”

On the topic of Marcellus Shale, Kelsey “was one of the first scholars in the state to call attention to the societal changes that were likely to occur, and he has continued his leadership role in advancing knowledge and outreach in this area,” a nominator said. “Dr. Kelsey’s even-handed approach and broad-based understanding of the challenges and opportunities of developing the natural gas industry have made him a trusted resource — both within and outside Pennsylvania — for citizens, public officials and others.”

His most recent awards in recognition of his outreach work include the 2012 Distinguished State Service Award from the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals, the 2011 Gamma Sigma Delta National Agriculture Honor Society Extension Faculty Award and the 2007 Penn State Cooperative Extension Buckstopper Economic & Community Development Award.

“Dr. Kelsey’s outreach work embodies the best traditions of Penn State’s land grant mission,” one nominator said. “It is research-based. It seeks to educate. Its goal is to build the human capital of individuals and the citizenry so they can deal effectively and democratically with current practical problems.”

Last Updated March 21, 2013