Heard on Campus: Bryson Nobles of SongSplits Solutions at IST's Start-up Week

March 18, 2013

“It’s pretty important that once you have an idea, to be able to execute that idea. No matter how cool your technology is, it doesn’t really matter if you can’t convince people to buy it. There are three kinds of stories to master: Stories that recruit, stories that sell, and stories that inspire. Facts tell, stories sell.”

--Bryson A. Nobles, a 2004 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts with a B.A. in sociology. Nobles is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and launched more than a half-dozen startups during the last 13 years. In addition to sitting on the advisory board for two tech startups and working as a business management consultant to several companies in finance, entertainment, and retail, Nobles is also the co-founder of SongSplits Solutions, LLC., a data management company that maintains copyright ownership data for more than half of the registered songs around the world.

Last Updated March 18, 2013