Penn State ASABE Student Club plans Lawnmower Clinic

March 12, 2013


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) will be holding a Lawnmower Clinic on April 5 and April 6. Each year, the Penn State ASABE Student Club sponsors the fundraiser to prepare push-type lawn mowers for the busy summer. The club members will pick up mowers ($45) or mowers can be dropped off at the Agricultural Engineering Building ($35). 

The following is a checklist of procedures that members will perform on the mowers:
•    Start (before servicing)
•    Clean under-deck
•    Sharpen and balance blade
•    Secure blade
•    Clean air filter
•    Check/clean/gap spark plug
•    Change oil
•    Wash
•    Start (after servicing)

If interested, click the link below to complete the form

Last Updated April 29, 2013