Faculty publications showcased at campus library

Faculty members at Penn State DuBois engage in research that helps to provide solutions to global problems and improve the lives of people around the world. The discoveries these educators make along the way can make for fascinating reading material, and fortunately, that reading material is easy to find right on campus.

The Penn State DuBois Library is showcasing the publications of campus faculty members, and a long list of books written by those faculty members can be found on the shelves there. A new display case in the library highlights these works, as does a new page on the library website, where readers can learn more about the volumes that are available and the people who wrote them. 

Campus educators have written books on subjects ranging from psychology, to geology and earthquakes, to literary studies, biology, social issues and more. By making these works accessible to all, faculty and librarians hope students and others in the campus community can learn more about a variety of subjects, research activity and the faculty members themselves.

"Ernest Boyer once said that the problem with higher education is that students and faculty occupy two different cultures. His solution was to bring students into the world of research," said distinguished professor of English Richard Kopley, who has authored books on American literary icons such as Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. "Opportunities at the campus for undergraduate research are part of the solution, as is the Faculty-Student Research Conference that takes place every spring. The display of faculty research at the library and the related website are additional parts of the solution, giving students a convenient way of learning about their own teachers’ scholarly discoveries. And, of course, having faculty research available to all others in the campus community is valuable, for it enables them to understand the critical research element of our mission. The larger consequence, one hopes, is to encourage all people to enjoy the pleasure of discovery."

Look for the faculty publications display near the front entrance of the campus library, or learn more on the web here.

Last Updated March 21, 2013