Penn State committee plans for Sept. 11 anniversary

July 23, 2002

A committee of local officials and faculty, students and staff from Penn State has formed to develop plans for a Sept. 11 anniversary event on campus. Sharon Mortensen, interim director of the Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs, is chairing the group, which has begun plans for an event in Eisenhower Auditorium at noon on Sept. 11. "The impact of the devastation of Sept. 11 continues to echo around the world and our lives have all been changed forever," said Mortensen. "We want to develop an event that recognizes the 10 Penn State alumni who died that day, but also the many other Penn Staters who were touched in personal ways by those events. Our goal is to offer a complement to the many other events scheduled that day and that week, both nationally and around the state of Pennsylvania." For the full story, visit

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