Dispatch from Montana: Construction team builds relationships, too

July 23, 2002

Here is the third in a series of dispatches about Penn State students who are at work in Montana helping build a literacy center for the Northern Cheyenne tribe using straw-bale architecture. This dispatch is written by Christa Scott, a senior in Integrative Arts.
We are coming to the end of our first week and much progress has been made. The walls were completed by Wednesday evening and the trusses were placed Thursday. It is amazing to see how all these hands can contribute and make such fast progress. Our days are full and hot, however it has been nice at the end of each day to get to hear words and music from some of our friends in the tribe. They are sharing so much of their culture and we are all honored. As the straw-bale building is constructed, we too are building relationships and expanding our own knowledge. For the full dispatch, visit

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