Welcome Message, College Address from Dean Susan Speece

August 22, 2002

I hear it everywhere, "I can't believe the summer is almost over." There still are about the same number of days in our summer breaks (some of us don't have a summer break) and the days are still 24 hours long. Why is it then that time seems to pass so much more quickly? I can remember when I was younger that the older folks used to say that time passes more quickly as you age. That may be true, but I hear students saying the same thing. It is more than a simple matter of aging grey matter. There was a time when there was time for leisure activities, there was a time when it took 90 minutes to drive between Allentown and Reading, there was a time when it took minutes for things to load up on our computers rather than milliseconds. We move more quickly now, we get more accomplished in a day and still the list of things to do continues to grow.
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